Gold Collar Academy & Resort


Jones Bridge Animal Hospital's Gold Collar Academy and Resort is a state-of-the-art lodging facility where dogs are provided with suite-style lodging rooms, and cats have their own cozy space.

Our facility has an atmosphere of being a home away from home with cots and blankets, fresh water, and meal times that model how owners feed at home. Pets can also participate in our optional TLC package that includes playtime with other lodging dogs and staff members. Cats enjoy time in our spacious catio, boasting a multi-level cat tree and a large window to the outside world. Pets also enjoy classical music during their stay with us, helping to promote a calm environment. As always, every pet gets personal loving care.

All the lodging rooms at Jones Bridge Animal Hospital are temperature controlled, disinfected twice daily, and provide easy interaction with staff members for each lodging pet. It is our goal to keep the environment as peaceful as possible. Although dogs communicate through barking, they are rewarded with praise when resting calmly or being quiet.

We feed our canine guests Royal Canin Gastro Intestinal Low Fat, which is an easy-to-digest food to ensure that there is no stomach upset resulting from abruptly changing your pet's diet. Feline guests enjoy Science Diet Sensitive Stomach brand cat food. If you feel more comfortable, you may bring your pet's current diet from home. The staff at Jones Bridge Animal Hospital asks that you pre-measure each meal in individual bags for consistency in your pet's diet.

Due to the potential for loss or destruction, we do not accept toys from home while lodging. We have many toys available for your pets to play with while staying with us!

All lodging dogs are required to have current Distemper, Rabies, Kennel Cough, and Canine Influenza vaccines, as well as an up-to-date fecal exam. All cats are required to be current on Distemper and Rabies, as well as an up-to-date fecal exam. If you are not a current client, printed records must be provided beforehand or at the time of lodging. An exam and vaccines can also be scheduled to be administered by our veterinarians while staying with us.

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The Furternity (Enrichment)

At Jones Bridge Animal Hospital, we want to help meet all of your dog's health needs by providing opportunities for both physical and mental fitness. Our Furternity program offers socialization with other dogs and staff members, playtime toy fun, and mental stimulation that helps release tension and build confidence. Exercise is a key component in helping your dog both mentally and physically. Our Furternity classes are for dogs that pass our temperament test and are offered Monday-Friday. We offer a variety of Furternity packages. All dogs must be current on their vaccinations, and spayed or neutered to participate.

Furternity Pricing

  • Full Day $34
  • Half Day $26
  • 5 day FUR package $164
  • 10 day FUR package $304
  • 20 day FUR package $570
  • 10 day half day FUR package $237

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Lodging Accommodations

Canine Guests

For our canine guests, we offer unique and superior accommodations that are safe, secure and size appropriate. Each lodge is climate-controlled and cleaned daily. Our guests receive daily walks and listen to classical music while staying with us.

Our rates vary and are dependent upon your lodging selection. Please be aware there is a $25.00 deposit fee per pet to hold a lodging reservation.

Dogwood Hall/Bath Hall

  • Bedding
  • Nutritious, quality meals
  • Fresh water
  • Two daily walks
  • Classical music

Nightly Lodging Rates:


  • <50 lbs (1st Guest) $35
  • <50 lbs. (2nd Guest) $31
  • 50.1-100 lbs. $37
  • >100 lbs. $35

TLC Package: $16 (Two 30-minute outdoor playtimes)

Daily Administration of Medications $5

Magnolia Hall/Azalea Hall
(in addition to Dogwood Hall/Bath Hall services)

Private Suites, Windows on a 1st come, 1st served basis
Two 30-minute playtimes in one of our four outdoor areas
Medications administered daily (if needed)

Nightly Lodging Rates:

Canine Suite +/- window (1st Guest): $62

Canine Suite +/- window (2nd Guest): $51

Feline Guests

As with our canine guests, we offer our feline guests quality services and amenities to make their stay with us comfortable, safe, and secure. Each feline guest enjoys climate-controlled lodging complete with comfortable bedding and daily housekeeping and litter changes.

For an additional cost, your cat may participate in TLC and spend time in our spacious Catio lounging on a multi-level cat tree. Large windows with ledges provide views of birds dining at bird feeders.

Nightly Lodging Rates:

Feline (1st Guest) $30

(2nd Guest) $26

TLC Package (Catio Time with Cat Tree) $16

Additional services include bathing, toenail trims and comb-outs.